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City of Zwolle

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City of Zwolle

Zwolle, the capital of the region of Overijssel, with around 120.000 inhabitants, is a true tourist treat. The town has a beautiful medieval centre, with lots of well preserved and archeologically interesting buildings. One such sight is found at “The Grote Markt” (The big market”): the 15th century Grote Kerk (or St Michaëlskerk). Once boasting the tallest tower in the Netherlands, the Church of St. Michael is still one of the most impressive churches in the area.

The historic facades, city walls and towers, the 600-year-old Sassenpoort gate and star-shaped city moat, flanked by monumental merchant’s homes and trees, still characterize this city today and its beautiful alleys and impressive fortifications beg to be explored.

The city has gorgeous theatres, a broad range of shops, excellent hotels and restaurants.  Zwolle also is a very green city with lots of parks and tree-lined streets. It has an excellent theatre and very good shopping and food.

There is an excellent fast train service with trains running to Utrecht, The Hague, Groningen, Arnhem and Deventer directly from the city. There is also a good connection to Amsterdam, with the journey taking just over an hour.

Zwolle truly is a student city, with tens of thousands of students studying in the city. Student life in Zwolle is focused in and around the city centre, which is packed with attractive cafés and restaurants. That's where you'll find the student café “Het Vliegende Paard” (The Flying Horse). Drinks and meals there are all at student prices! Zwolle has lots of cultural activities too, including music and cultural festivals, theatre shows, movies and an annual Rhythm & Blues Night. There are student clubs and societies for everything from rowing to getting together with other international students.


Students of our Global Project and Change Management course are required for the first year of the programme to live in the Windesheim student residence, “The Hive”, located in Zwolle.

Windesheim offers assistance in finding accommodation to students of our International Business Course. You should expect to pay roughly €300 to €400 a month in rent, per person. Prices depend on the room size, type of room (single or double) and facilities.

The Dutch ministry expects the following monthly costs for 2018: € 870.46 living costs (including accommodation)