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City of Venlo


City of Venlo

Venlo, one of the oldest cities in Holland, is a vibrant and lively town in the south east of the Netherlands, close to the German border, situated on the banks of the river Meuse (“Maas” in Dutch). Characterized by an international outlook, it is home to about 100,000 people. Being the capital of northern Limburg, the city hosts three institutions for higher education: HAS University of Applied Sciences, Fontys University of Applied Sciences and Maastricht University (Venlo branch). Its inner city was awarded the title of “Best City Centre” in 2014 and 2015.

Venlo has a compact and well-defined commercial centre in its old city centre. The pleasant and vibrant centre can be divided into a number of districts, each with an individual multi-cultural character and charm.

The “Markt” square in Venlo, in front of the beautiful Town Hall, is the true centre of the city. The area on and around the Markt, offers a wide range of shops and bars and restaurants. Vleesstraat is one of the most prominent streets in the centre. Lined with many shops ranging from well-known retail chains such as H&M, to high fashion boutiques; this street links the north and south sides of the city, crossing the central market square. The winding lanes that branch out from Vleesstraat, take you deeper into the historic centre. These narrow streets are home to the most delightful speciality shops, surprising boutiques and full of pleasant places to stop for lunch, a drink, or en evening meal.

Just a few minutes away from city center, you will find the “newest hip district” in the center: “Maasboulevard”. Maasboulevard, bordering the river Meuse, has become the place for young and old to meet, enjoying a fantastic view, following the yacht and leisure craft in the harbour. This area is a contemporary urban space, with a wealth of shops and various places to eat and drink and also the spot where many events are held throughout the year. The place for students to meet in Venlo!

The city has an event calendar bursting with festivals and activities all year round, including the annual carnival in February. Venlo also has a multitude of museums, exhibition spaces, galleries and hidden artisan ateliers!

Just outside Venlo, you will find two big amusement parks: the magic-themed amusement park “Toverland” and the adventure playground & mini-golf course, called “Spielpark Klein Zwitserland”.

Only 20 minutes to the north of Venlo you will find “Nationaal Park Maasduinen”, a long stretch of land that covers an area of 45km squared, which was established as a national park in 1996. National park “De Groote Peel”, is yet another area of natural beauty, situated 30 minutes to the west of Venlo. With an abundance of peat and bogs, this is a water haven virtually untouched by human cultivation.

Venlo has a large agricultural industry, with one of the most active green ports in Europe. “Greenport Venlo” is the second largest concentration of horticulture in the Netherlands. Seen in conjunction with the neighbouring German region of Niederrhein (Lower Rhine), Greenport Venlo is even the largest in Europe. Together, the Greenport area Venlo and the agro business area "Lower Rhine" in Germany form a region where more than 30 million people live.

The region has broad chances and future possibilities to further develop the "green market", thus offering many job opportunities to professionals in the food, fresh and logistics markets.

Making your student years the best time of your life is what you want and not just in class !

Over 5,000 students – many international - from HAS University of Applied Sciences and Fontys University of Applied Sciences live and study in Venlo, giving the city a student feel. Venlo is packed with a host of amazing cafes and bars, where you can enjoy a few drinks with your friends. If you want, you can party in Venlo almost every day. Two cinemas, a theatre, a brand new pop and music podium and a former church converted into a performance arena, means there are a score of things to enjoy on the cultural program. Dance the night away, or prop up the bar in one of the many cozy café bars. Venlo also offers many sports activities and events.

When you join one of the study and student associations, you get to know your fellow students quickly. In addition, there's always something fun being organized after all the hard study work. Consider joining S.A. “Da Vinci”, the only student association for all students in Venlo, or “S.V. Verde”, the study association of HAS, which brings together students from all its university programs.

Venlo also offers a unique in the Netherlands organization, that helps students with all matters relating to studying, working and living in Venlo, called “Checkpoint”. This organization can help you with many practical matters and offers a wide variety of student accommodations and jobs, from part time, to internships and even a full time jobs after your graduation. The Checkpoint student pass offers students attractive discounts at many shops, restaurants, sport clubs and events.

Many companies located in Venlo operate in the sectors the studies are aimed at, so they are perfectly tailored to suit the employment opportunities in the region, creating huge chances for a quick start to your career.


You can find a room in Venlo for every budget. The price is, among other things, dependent on size, location and number of roommates. A room in Venlo costs, depending on the size, on average between € 250,- and € 350.

You can, for example, choose a room in a student dorm, where you share the bathroom and kitchen with a few roommates. But an independent studio is also a possibility, where you have all these facilities to yourself.

For more information and assistance in finding your right housing, please contact us on info@studyinholland.gr