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City of Middelburg


City of Middelburg

Middelburg, a city in the southwestern part of the Netherlands close to the Belgian border, is the capital of the province of Zeeland, with a population of about 45.000 people. The city has a temperate sea climate, which is milder than the rest of the Netherlands due to its more southern location on the coast.

Middelburg has a rich cultural heritage, which can be seen throughout its beautiful historic city center; in fact its inner city is home to over 1100 monumental buildings. Their impressive facades reflect the cities former wealth and importance. The most important sights in Middelburg are the Abdij (Abbey), the “Lange Jan” (one of the towers of the Abdij) and the old town hall. The old town hall is situated at the Market. Chosen as the second most beautiful building of The Netherlands, the town hall has a facade with gothic windows, red-white shutters, turrets and 25 images of Zeeland counts and countesses. The city also has many historical streets such as: Dam, Spanjaardstraat and the Dam Square. Today, a rich blend of events, shops and bars and restaurants make it a lively place, coveted by locals and visitors alike. City centre also has a small canal ringing about half of it, lined with boats, resembling Amsterdam.

Middelburg is a city with its own character with a sociable shopping center. There are intimate squares, nice streets, cozy café’s and next to the big stores, you will also find special boutiques, galleries and art trades.

Once you have discovered Middelburg, the city will leave you impressed ! Boat tours, museums, entertainment; its all there. Annually, various events are organized as well, such as weekly antique markets, A Jazz Festival, night markets, fairs, different live performances and the annual street parade.

Middelburg has a regular train connection with Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam. and Antwerp (Belgium). Trains are available every 30 minutes.

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Fun, sports and being together with like-minded friends and going on trips: that is the reward for hard work. Middelburg is a vibrant, diverse and picturesque old city, offering a diverse array of shops, pubs, restaurants, activities and events.

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Zeeland University of Applied Sciences has partnered with housing cooperation APV to make it easier for students to find a place to live.

Once you have registered at Zeeland University of Applied Sciences, you can start booking a room with APV, which offers student accommodations in Middelburg. Prices start from €250,- per month all in and increase depending on the size of the room and required comfort. Most student houses are near the city centre and within cycling distance of Zeeland University of Applied Sciences.  

Make sure you book a room in time (preferably in the early spring), so you have the best chances to book the room that suits your wishes. You have several options regarding to renting a room. Accommodation varies from single units, to three to nine-bedroom apartments with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities.