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City of Leeuwarden

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City of Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden, the European Cultural Capital for 2018 and capital of the province of Friesland, with a populations of 200.000, is situated in the north of the Netherlands, about 140 km north east of Amsterdam and 280 km from Hamburg in Germany.

With its small canals and bridges, Leeuwarden is known as “the Venice of the North”. Its historic city center has a captivating cultural heritage, but also numerous café’s, boutiques and small shopping streets.  Just north of the railway station lies Leeuwarden's compact medieval centre, surrounded by defensive canals. With no less than 617 buildings listed as national monuments, the city has no lack of heritage to see. The old town is small enough to easily explore on foot, with plenty of time to take in the many historic buildings, or try a mini boat trip: Rent a small electric sloop boat and discover the city on your own via its picturesque canals.

As it is the province capital, Leeuwarden is a regional centre for shopping and services. You'll find the range of shops and large chain stores you'd expect from any city its size, but also a couple of cozy shopping streets and fun boutiques. The Kleine Kerkstraat is considered one of the most charming shopping streets in Holland, with about 30 specialty shops.

A fast intercity train service connects Leeuwarden to both Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport. There are direct connections once per hour and additional ones with a transfer in either the cities of Zwolle, or Almere. To Amsterdam, the journey will take about 2 hours.

This lively city host no less than 25.000 Dutch and International Students, attending Leeuwarden’s three universities. Not so long ago Leeuwarden was even appointed “student city of the Netherlands”. About 25 % of all students are foreign, making it a truly international student town. The city has countless bars, trendy cafes, discotheques and on Thursday nights, student’s can enjoy them self out on the town until the early morning. Hestia (from the Greek word εστία), is the “in” student lounge in Leeuwarden and often considered “a home away from home”. It is extremely popular amongst Dutch and international students for socializing, parties and study related activities.       

For housing matters Stenden works with its official accommodation partner “StudentStay”. EU students are welcome to register for a room via their website, but getting a room will depend on availability.

We therefore encourage European students to find their own accommodation, since finding a place to live in the north of the Netherlands, where NHL Stenden’s branches are located, is relatively easy.

Once you have been admitted and have registered for a study programme at NHL Stenden, you should start looking for accommodation. We recommend you to start early with finding a suiting accommodation. This way you can ensure you find the right place to live during your study.

In the Netherlands, it is common for students to rent a room in a shared house or apartment with other students. There are also options to rent a one-bedroom or studio apartment. Student accommodation is usually provided by real estate agents, or private landlords who advertise their rooms on different platforms.  

Many people use Facebook to advertise accommodation and to find flat mates. 

There are also plenty of online platforms which publish vacant rooms, apartments and houses by different agencies in different price categories. Some of them are free to join while for others you may be required to pay a one-off registration fee or a monthly fee.