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City of Nijmegen


City of Nijmegen

Nijmegen, with a population of 175,002, is situated on the banks of the Waal, a branch of the river Rhine in the region of the “Great Rivers” and located in the east of the Netherlands at a mere 10 kilometers from the German border.

Of Roman origin (its name derives from 'Noviomagus', meaning 'new market') the city celebrated its 2000th anniversary in 2005. This makes Nijmegen the oldest city in the Netherlands. Nijmegen was also the imperial residence during the Carolingian period. The 'Valkhof' – “Falcon’s Court” - is the highest point of the city overlooking the river. It was once the site of Charlemagne’s castle.

Despite being the Netherlands’ oldest city, Nijmegen retains its sense of youth, partly thanks to the tens of thousands of students in the city, since it not only hosts HAN university, but also the Radboud University. This large student population helps to give the city a hipster vibe, ranging from trendy coffee bars and concept stores, to a wide choice of nightlife and live music venues.

With its many welcoming, historic streets, Nijmegen is one of the better shopping cities in the Netherlands. It also boasts the oldest shopping street in Holland! If you want to sit down for a drink and a bite to eat, Nijmegen also has a large selection of cafes, terraces and excellent little restaurants

Nijmegen’s annual calendar is literally bursting with events and special activities. There’s something happening in the city almost every single day, including festivals or outdoor events every weekend. In the summer months, this self-proclaimed ‘Summer Capital of Holland’ organizes events that also attract visitors from all over Holland and Germany. 

The city of Nijmegen also has several interesting and unique museums, showcasing various aspects of its cultural heritage. Besides that, it has a very diverse offering of venues for live performances of theatre, music and other cultural workshops and activities, as well as several international student associations\clubs. 

Cycle through the area known as “The Betuwe”, where you will be captivated by the blossom in spring and where later in the year you can buy locally picked cherries, apples and pears from roadside stalls. You’ll find plenty of grapes in the nearby wine village of Groesbeek; it's almost like Greece !

Nijmegen is a lively university city with a cosmopolitan feel, not least thanks to its sizeable population of international students and expats.

The centre of Nijmegen has countless cafés, bars and nightclubs, making it the ideal place to enjoy a few drinks with friends or a night out on the tiles. If you fancy catching a movie, the city has several cinemas, ranging from art house cinemas to multiplexes. Luxury fashion shops, artistic boutiques and large department stores – Nijmegen has something to offer for every style and every budget.

Numerous events and festivals, unique hotspots and ever-growing number of lively lunchrooms all help to create an irresistible vibe in the city. Feel the sand between your toes on a fabulous city beach, situated along the banks of the River Waal.

The International Student Network of Nijmegen, is a student organization for internationally-minded students residing in the city. They organize parties, cultural exchanges, language exchange events, excursion and much more! 

HAN University of Applied Sciences campus in Nijmegen has great facilities including study centers, sports facilities, canteens and places to relax with fellow students.

You’ll find everything you need at the HAN campus: extensive multimedia centers, good IT facilities, modern lecture halls, high-tech laboratories and places to socialize with fellow students. Each building has its own cafeteria, where you can get drinks and snacks. The larger cafeterias also offer warm meals.

If you want to do sports during your study, you are welcome to join the various student sports clubs in Nijmegen. Most of the sports venues offer very affordable prices and students from HAN often get a discount. The sports facilities are close by, so you can be even healthier and do as the Dutch - ride there on your bike!

In general it will be your own responsibility to find accommodation.

Rental prices for a student room vary from €250 to €500 per calendar month. However, you will most commonly find nice rooms to rent for around € 350. Make sure you book a room in time (preferably in the early spring), so you have the best chances to find the room that suits your wishes. Unfurnished rooms can be cheaper to rent than furnished ones.

Greek (EU) students do not have a guaranteed room on campus, but can contact the HAN Housing Office by email for a place on the campus Housing waiting list.

For more information and assistance in finding your right housing, please contact us on info@studyinholland.gr