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Hotel Management | SAXION UNIVERSITY

Hotel management education in The Netherlands is internationally renowned for its high standards. Graduates of this programme can be found in key positions in  tourist businesses all over the world.

The hospitality business is the world’s fastest-growing industry. Nowadays hotels are much more than merely a place to sleep, therefore, the hotel world is constantly on the look out for innovation. With the Hotel Management programme of Saxion, you learn how to successfully lead a company in the hospitality sector as an entrepreneur, or as a manager. You learn to translate the needs and wishes of your guests, into appealing and customer-oriented products and services. You learn how to find the right balance between ‘How should I run my business?’ and ‘How can I pamper my guests?’.


Starting date: September 2019 

You can apply until: August 15, 2018

Degree title: Bachelor of Business Administration

Programme intensity: Full-time

Program duration: 4 years

Fast track: 1-1.5, or 2 years

Language: English

Program location: Apeldoorn

Tuition fee per year: € 2,060

This programme is aligned with the needs of the global hospitality industry and  focuses on how to add value to the guest experience. Saxion prepares you for a future as a successful hotelier, by encouraging you to be innovative and entrepreneurial. You will develop your skill in conceptual  thinking and become an excellent strategist.  Saxion’s Hotel Management  programme is an internationally recognized Bachelor degree that addresses the  needs of both the old and new generation in the traditional yet ever-changing hotel industry. During the minor you can study abroad at one of our partner universities, do a management internship, or choose a minor at Saxion.

First year

This year is all about learning the basic principles of hotel management. You get to know different departments like: Front Office, Food & Beverage, ICT and Human Resources. You also learn about financing hotel operations, about management  theories and  how to approach a target group. Furthermore, you will study two foreign languages. Study trips, excursions, guest lectures and working several days in the industry offer you first-hand experience.

Second year

This year you work on your entrepreneurial skills, learning how to price hotel rooms and how to promote them and you also further develop your foreign language skills. Moreover, you gain a lot of practical experience by conducting a field  research and managing a real-life event, as well as doing a five-month internship with one of our partners in the hotel, or hospitality industry.

Third and fourth year

From the third year onwards, you work on strategic issues.

While working on a new hotel concept, you refine your management skills. After that, it is time to choose study options, which are inspired by the latest trends and developments. You also have compulsory subjects, which prepare you for the final year.

In the fourth year you choose a minor. During the minor you can study abroad at  one of our partner universities, do a management internship, or choose a minor at  Saxion. You will complete the programme, by writing a research and advisory report for a Dutch, or foreign company, or the Saxion Research Centre Hospitality.

Fast track (1-1.5, or 2 years)

The Hotel management course is also offered as a short degree program, this is a transition program for students who already started bachelor education in another country at another university.

Entrance to the short degree programme requires a minimum of three years of higher education (leading to a bachelor’s degree) in a hotel or tourism management-related field, such as consumer affairs, hotel or catering management, tourism management, or other related management fields.

All courses and examinations will be in English, so you need a good command of spoken and written English.

As an international applicant, you will also be required to demonstrate sufficient results of one of these tests:

IELTS test (minimum overall band score of 6.0, and minimum subscore of 6.0 for speaking)

TOEFL test (minimum score of 80 internet-based, and minimum subscore of 20 for speaking)

CAE (Cambridge Advanced Certificate), or CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English)

Greek high school diploma (Apolityrio Genikou Lykeio), with a general grade of at least 10. 

Applicants for the Hotel Management programme are selected on the basis of an additional entry requirement test. By consequence, admission to the Hotel Management programme is subject to an additional requirements research, on top of the general entry requirements.

  1. After applying, applicants will receive a formal invitation to take part in the selection procedure.
  2. The selection procedure will take place at various times. Applicants must meet all the requirements (assessment, CV, letter of motivation and video task) before they are invited for an interview (on location, or through Skype).

Applicants can apply for the programme Hotel Management until 15 August of the year preceding the relevant academic year. So for starting on September 2019, the application deadline is August 15, 2018 ! It is not possible anymore to apply for the academic year 2018/2019.     

In case you have not obtained your secondary school diploma yet, you can already apply by submitting your current grade list.

We encourage European students to find their own accommodation.

However, in case you would like to have everything arranged in time and want to immerse yourself in international student life, we offer the possibility to reserve a room in one of our international student houses. In all three cities we have contracts with the local student housing associations. They provide Saxion with accommodation with rooms, which may vary in size. The rooms are all single rooms and furnished with basic facilities like bed, desk, chair and cupboard. All accommodations have an internet connection. The bathroom, toilet and kitchen need to be shared with other international Saxion students, max. 6 students share common facilities.

You can apply for a room as soon as you have been admitted or conditionally admitted. The deadline for applying for Saxion accommodation is 1 May 2018. After this date, it is no longer possible to reserve a room and you will be put on a waiting list.

Bachelor programmes: total rental fee: € 5,000 (11.5 months). You are allowed to pay your rental fee in installments.

The dynamics of the industry create a wide range of career opportunities, with many interesting positions. Job opportunities at management level can be found in a broad range of related industries all over the world, in fields such as: Hotels, Holiday/bungalow parks, Resorts, Event agencies, Hospitality service suppliers, Convention agencies, Recreation & theme parks, Airlines, Cruises lines etc.

With a bachelors diploma from Saxion University of Applied Sciences, you can continue doing a Master’s programme. If you want to do this abroad, you can usually start straightaway.  If you choose to further your studies at a research university in the Netherlands, a pre-master may be required.