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Open Days



All Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences organize, at different dates all through the year, so called “Open Days”. 

These days are a great opportunity to visit the University of your choice, find out more about your study, the career opportunities and also for getting to know the city in which it is located.

During the open days you can visit all the university facilities, the college rooms and walk around the premises. You will be able to visit a programme of your interest, attend several presentations and also meet students and professors, who are there to answer all of your questions.

Most Universities of Applied Sciences will cover your hotel costs for two nights during the open days, so the only thing you have to pay for is your flight ticket. In the off season one can buy a cheap direct round trip flight Greece-Holland, with for instance Transavia Airlines, sometimes for less than 100 euro !     

Our office organizes group trips for potential students to attend the open days at the Universities of Applied Sciences, presented on this site.

If you like to join us for our next trip, feel free to contact us for more information.