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The course in Creative Business & Media Management, teaches you how to think and work from a cross-media perspective. You will be trained as an overall media professional over the course of this four-year programme. Specializations include: Music Management, Intrapreneurship, Integrated Digital Marketing (in Thailand).

As a media professional, you will possess highly developed conceptual thinking skills, be able to manage a creative team and know how to use various communication media and technologies to which you have access. Get ready for an exciting career in a rapidly changing field!

Internship/work placements options possibilities at prestigious companies like: Nintendo, MTV, Walt Disney.


Starting date: September 2018/February 2019

You can apply until: August 15, 2018/January 17, 2019

Degree title: Bachelor of Arts

Programme intensity: Full-time

Program duration: 4 years

Fast track: 3 years

Language: English

Program location: Leeuwarden

Tuition fee per year: € 2.060

As a first-year student, you will discover various multimedia technologies and tools. You will take subjects such as statistics, management, media law, ethics, organizational theory and business economics, learning all about the practical side of the field by creating your own media productions.

In your second year you will attend classes in media analysis, human resource management, marketing communications, brand management and concept development, while at the same time exploring the financial side and learning how to coordinate media productions.

The third year offers you the opportunity to develop your management skills and knowledge of strategic management. Besides working on a media assignment for a client and supervising first-year students, you will specialize in a secondary subject, known as a “minor”. You will also have the opportunity to embark on a six-month Grand Tour at one of NHL Stenden's international campuses.

Creative Business covers a wide range of relevant and interesting topics. In your third year, you will have the option to specialize by taking a number of minors: these are electives in which you focus on a specific subject, or expand your knowledge by taking an additional subject. This allows you to truly take charge of your education by “customizing” your course the way it suits you best. You can take these minors at the Leeuwarden branch, or at the NHL Stenden campus in Bali or in Thailand (we call this the Grand Tour). You can also choose from minors offered by other courses and universities of applied sciences – this is all part of broadening your academic skills.

In your final year, you will continue to specialize in your field and participate in an extended internship. You will complete the course with a final-year project which you can combine with your internship.

Three-year fast track

This study programme offers a three-year fast track for excellent students. Apart from the English language requirements, you need a Greek high school diploma (Apolytirio Genikou Lykeio), with an appropriate entry level for academic universities.

The study coordinator will decide on your admission in this 3-year track after having reviewing your records.

All courses and examinations will be in English, so you need a good command of spoken and written English.

The level required for admission should be an equivalent of the Academic IELTS 6.0 (International English Language Testing System), with a minimum of 5.0 for each skill.

TOEFL 550 (paper based), 213 (computer-based) and 80 (internet based).

Cambridge ESOL score FCE-C (169, or higher).

Greek high school diploma (Apolytirio Genikou Lykeio), with a general grade of at least 10.

We advise you to apply before May 1, for the September study start.

Stenden University of Applied Sciences has the right to refuse applications by students, which meet the admission requirements, but which are sent after May 1.  

In case you have not obtained your secondary school diploma yet, you can already apply by submitting your current grade list.

Ultimate closing date for applications for the September 2018 study start: August 15, 2018.

Ultimate closing date for applications for the February 2019 study start: January 17, 2019.



Finding a place to live in the north of the Netherlands, where NHL Stenden’s branches are located is relatively easy.

Once you have been admitted and have registered for a study programme at NHL Stenden, you should start looking for accommodation. We recommend you to start early with finding a suiting accommodation. This way you can ensure you find the right place to live during your study.

In the Netherlands, it is common for students to rent a room in a shared house or apartment with other students. There are also options to rent a one-bedroom or studio apartment. Student accommodation is usually provided by real estate agents or private landlords who advertise their rooms on different platforms.  

Many people use Facebook to advertise accommodation and to find flatmates. 

Graduates in Creative Business have a wealth of career opportunities in the world of media and entertainment. You could end up working as a manager for a magazine, or other publication, a media planner at a (digital) advertising agency or TV station, or start your own company developing cross-media formats.

Careers open to you after graduation include: Media Planner - Media Manager –Producer - Online Marketeer - Marketing Manager

With a Bachelors diploma from Stenden University of Applied Sciences, you can continue doing a Master’s programme. If you want to do this abroad, you can usually start straightaway. If you have done your minor at a research university in the Netherlands during the third year of your studies at the Stenden University of Applied Sciences, you can normally get direct access to a Master’s programme at a research university in the Netherlands as well. Otherwise for continuing with a Master study in the Netherlands, you may be requested to do a Pre-Master.