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International Tourism Management | HZ UNIVERSITY


International Tourism Management | HZ UNIVERSITY

Tourism education in The Netherlands is internationally renowned for its high standards.  Graduates of this programme can be found in key management positions in the tourism businesses all over the world.

The regional and international tourism-and-hospitality industry is the primary focus of this course. The knowledge to properly host and enhance guest experience, are its key elements. You also will have the skills to connect different organizations together to promote a city, or a region. You'll know about subjects like marketing, human resource management, research, intercultural communication, strategic management, financial management and international law.

As part of the bachelor Tourism Management you will develop new products within the tourism industry, aimed at needs and wishes of the target group. You are passionate to work in an intercultural context. Skills that appeal to you are: being hospitable, easily getting in touch with people, creative and organization talent. Change means challenges and opportunities to you and you think in possibilities. You are the linking pin between tourism organizations, guests and the company you work for.


Starting date:  September 2018

You can apply until: August 15, 2018

Degree title: Bachelor of Business Administration 

Programme intensity: Full-time

Program duration: 4 years

Fast track: 3 years

Language: English

Program location: Vlissingen

Tuition fee per year: € 2.060

You'll be working with other students on projects for actual companies from day one. You'll get to know the industry starting from your first year through guest lecturers, company visits and internships and you'll take steps towards your future career in a hotel, restaurant, events agency, or holiday resort.

You can choose from the following specializations:

- Developing hotels, resorts and parks

You will learn how to improve the business processes, image, and quality of products and services for companies like hotels, bungalow parks, resorts, and campgrounds.

- Guiding Gastronomy, advancing restaurants

You'll learn how trends like slow food, organic food and using local products can be applied to the gastronomic sector. You'll be ready to advise restaurants on implementing the right experiential concept. You'll also learn how production processes can optimize a company. 

- Stimulating visits by branding destinations, tours and events

You'll join with other organizations to draw attention to a certain city or region (city marketing). You'll be ready to develop products and services that offer the tourist an authentic experience. You'll also learn all the ins and outs of event management. 

- Promoting Wellbeing & Healthy Lifestyle

You'll specialize in integrating and implementing a healthy lifestyle into the tourism and leisure industry. This includes wellness, detox and yoga travel, but could also mean improving the work-life balance of employees within an organization with the help of techniques such as mindfulness.

You'll do an internship at the end of the first and second years, just before summer break. That gives you the opportunity to extend your stay abroad and perhaps even combine a summer job with extra language studies.

You'll also choose a minor as part of your course. Most Tourism Management students pick an international minor, or internship. We have an international network to help you along the way. With the exchange minor, you'll spend five months abroad studying specific subjects in an area you're interested in developing further. Of course, you can also write your thesis abroad.  

There are no additional costs for this semester abroad and if you do a minor at one of our partner universities abroad, you can apply for an Erasmus - or Zeeland University of Applied Sciences Scholarship. 

In the third and fourth years, you can schedule your classes according to your interests. Do you want to go on to get your master's?  Then undertake extensive research and write a thesis. Are you a more practical person? Then you can do multiple internships to help you learn about the range of careers and sectors, making contacts for you further career, or you can do market research in preparation for starting your own business.

Three-year track

This study programme offers a three-year fast track for excellent students. Apart from the English language requirements, you need a Greek high school diploma (Apolytirio Genikou Lykeio), with a general grade of at least 10.

The study coordinator will decide on your admission in this 3-year track after having reviewing your records.

All courses and examinations will be in English, so you need a good command of spoken and written English.

The level required for admission should be an equivalent of the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score of 6.0., such as:

Cambridge Proficiency (CPE)

Cambridge Advanced (CAE) Grade C (180 - 184)

Cambridge Lower (FCE) Grade B (173-175)

Cambridge Lower (FCE) Grade C (169-172)

Greek high school diploma (Apolytirio Genikou Lykeio), with a general grade of at least 10.

 Applying for the academic year of 2018-2019 will be possible from 1 October 2017 until the application deadline of 1 May 2018.

In case you have not obtained your secondary school diploma yet, you can already apply by submitting your current grade list.

Ultimate closing date for applications: August 15, 2018

We advise you to apply before May 1. Zeeland University of Applied Sciences has the right to refuse applications by students which meet the admission requirements, but which are sent after May 1.  

Zeeland University of Applied Sciences has partnered with housing cooperation APV to make it easier for students to find a place to live.

Once you have registered at Zeeland University of Applied Sciences, you can start booking a room with APV, which offers student accommodations in Vlissingen and Middelburg. Prices start from €250,- per month all in and increase depending on the size of the room and required comfort. Most student houses are near the city centre and within cycling distance of Zeeland University of Applied Sciences.

Make sure you book a room in time (preferably in the early spring), so you have the best chances to book the room that suits your wishes. You have several options regarding to renting a room. Accommodation varies from single units, to three to nine-bedroom apartments with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. 

Internationally educated hospitality specialists are in high demand everywhere in the word, as the field of hospitality is constantly growing and developing, both in Greece and abroad. 

After graduation you can use your knowledge and skills both domestically in Greece and anywhere in the world. You'll be a specialist in integrating and implementing a healthy lifestyle, into the tourism and leisure industry.

You could work in any marketing department, or put your specialty knowledge into practice in the hospitality world. This could be a in a big international hotel chain, a tour operator, a theme and/or amusement, recreation park, or as an event organizer. You can advise restaurants on implementing the right experiential concept. You'll also know how production processes can optimize a company.  You could work with organizations to draw attention to a certain city, or region (city marketing). You'll also know all the ins and outs of event management. 

With a Bachelors diploma from Zeeland University of Applied Sciences, you can continue with a Master’s programme. If you want to do a Master abroad, you can usually start straight away. If you wish to do a Master’s degree at a research university in the Netherlands, you may be required to follow a pre-Master’s programme.