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International Logistics Engineering | HZ UNIVERSITY

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International Logistics Engineering | HZ UNIVERSITY

Would you like to become a professional expert in logistics and management, who can get to work anywhere in the world?

On account of the port of Rotterdam and its excellent transportation infrastructure, the Netherlands is one of the main logistic and distribution centers of the world.

The Logistics Engineering course will teach you everything about all different modes of local and worldwide transport. You will learn everything there is to know about physical distribution during the course: storage, transport and the planning of goods. What do you need to order and what quantities? Where are you going to store the products and how will you get them to the customer? You will learn to design new ports with quays, material handlers and warehouses.

You can choose one of the following three specialties:

- Supply Chain Management

- Maritime Logistics

- Human Logistics 


Starting date: September 2018

You can apply until: August 15, 2018

Degree title: Bachelor of Science

Programme intensity: Full-time

Program duration: 4 years

Language: English

Program location: Vlissingen

Tuition fee per year: € 2.060

Year one is an introduction to the logistics branch. Besides courses related to the different modes of transport, you follow courses such as Warehouses and Distribution, Operation Management and Human Logistics.

In year two you become acquainted with more specializes aspects of logistics and management. 

In year three, you choose a minor and an internship, that both match your interest and educational and professional objectives. You can do a minor at Zeeland University of Applied Sciences, at one of our partner universities, or abroad. 

In your third year, you do an internship in the Netherlands, or abroad.

The focus in the fourth year is an in depth theoretical study of your specialization:

- Supply Chain Management, or

- Maritime Logistics, or

- Human Logistics

In the second semester, you carry out your graduation project at a company, in which you will analyze a company problem and find a solution that can actually be implemented.

This work experience provides you with contacts, that will strongly enhance your career prospects after graduation.

4-year track

All courses and examinations will be in English, so you need a good command of spoken and written English.

The level required for admission should be an equivalent of the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score of 6.0, such as:

Cambridge Proficiency (CPE)

Cambridge Advanced (CAE) Grade C (180 - 184)

Cambridge Lower (FCE) Grade B (173-175)

Cambridge Lower (FCE) Grade C (169-172)

Greek high school diploma (Apolytirio Genikou Lykeio), with a general grade of at least 10 and a grade of at least 16 for mathematics, or economics.

Applying for the academic year of 2018-2019 will be possible from 1 October 2017 until the application deadline of 1 May 2018.

In case you have not obtained your secondary school diploma yet, you can already apply by submitting your current grade list.

Ultimate closing date for applications: August 15, 2018

We advise you to apply before May 1. Zeeland University of Applied Sciences has the right to refuse applications by students which meet the admission requirements, but which are sent after May 1.  


Zeeland University of Applied Sciences has partnered with housing cooperation APV to make it easier for students to find a place to live.

Once you have registered at Zeeland University of Applied Sciences, you can start booking a room with APV, which offers student accommodations in Vlissingen and Middelburg. Prices start from €250,- per month all in and increase depending on the size of the room and required comfort. Most student houses are near the city centre and within cycling distance of Zeeland University of Applied Sciences.

Make sure you book a room in time (preferably in the early spring), so you have the best chances to book the room that suits your wishes. You have several options regarding to renting a room. Accommodation varies from single units, to three to nine-bedroom apartments with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. 

Upon graduation, you can find work anywhere in the world as a planner, or purchaser at a transport and distribution company, a consultancy, or a logistics company, before moving on to the position of logistics manager, consultant, supply chain manager, or materials manager.

With a Bachelors diploma from Zeeland University of Applied Sciences, you can continue doing a Master’s programme. If you want to do this abroad, you can usually start straightaway.  If you choose to further your studies at a research university in the Netherlands, a pre-master is required.