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Industrial Engineering & Management | AVANS UNIVERSITY

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Bachelor of Industrial Engineering & Management y | AVANS UNIVERSITY

The key areas of this study are technology and maintenance. You will also learn about management structures, planning and execution, materials management, cost analysis and logistical matters. You will draw up cost projections, schedules and reports.

You will know what you are talking about when you design and record maintenance procedures, or explain them to the engineers who will carry out the maintenance.

You will learn to predict how long a machine will last and when it is time for large-scale maintenance, so you can preclude risks and monitor safety.

You may become responsible for ensuring that planes are in a good state of repair. You may manage the maintenance of large ships, sustainable energy generation, or machines in factories. Not just for technical companies, but also in the care sector and for the government. You do not carry out maintenance yourself, but ensure that it takes place.

Maintenance management is strongly on the rise. You will work in close collaboration with the biggest companies around the world.


Starting date: September 2019

You can apply until: August 31, 2019

Degree title: Bachelor of Science

Program intensity: Full Time

Program duration: 4 years

Language: English

Program location: Breda

Tuition fee per year: € 2.060

In the first year, you will acquire basic knowledge that you will apply later during your studies.

The key subject areas are technology, maintenance, management, leadership and negotiating.

1st Year Subjects:

Introduction to IEM, Statistical control, Maintenance performance, Planning & Preparation.

You will draw up cost projections, schedules and reports, and give presentations in English.

You will visit various companies in the Netherlands and abroad and carry out practical assignments for them.

Year 2 is about deepening and applying knowledge,

2nd Year Subjects include: Lean maintenance, Reliability Centered Maintenance

Year 3:

In year 3 you will do a work placement of 20 weeks. This involves fulfilling an internship assignment while you work at an assistant level at a national, or international organization. 

In year 3 you will also follow an international program (minor) at Avans or another university of applied sciences, or research university in the Netherlands or abroad.

Year 4:

Strategic asset management

Graduation internship

In year 4 you will complete an individual graduation assignment in an organization, as part of which you will investigate a company’s problem and look for possible solutions.

All courses and examinations will be in English, so you need a good command of spoken and written English.

The level required for admission should be an equivalent of the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score of 6.0 or higher, or TOEFL iBT score of 80 or higher, or diploma’s such as:

Cambridge Lower (FCE) Grade B (180-184)

Cambridge Advanced (CAE) Grade C (180 - 184)

Cambridge Proficiency (CPE)

Greek high school diploma (Apolytirio Genikou Lykeio), with a general grade of at least 16 and a grade of at least 17 for the subjects: Mathematics & Physics.

August 31, 2019

Avans does not offer student accommodation.

If you are going to be studying in Breda, the website 'Klik voor kamers' ('click for rooms') is a good place to look for accommodation. Klik voor kamers offers a first-year guarantee arrangement for students who are starting a bachelor's degree program for the first time, giving them priority when assigning an unfurnished room based on traveling time. This also applies to foreign students.

We are also a partner of international student-to-student housing platform HousingAnywhere.com. If you are coming from abroad, you can use this website to book a student room. The rooms on this platform are offered by Avans students who are going abroad to study, graduate or complete a work placement. Using the platform is free for you as a student.

There are several other agencies, organizations or websites that can help you find accommodation in each Avans city. Early registration for accommodation prior to the start of the study program is a must.

For more information and assistance in finding your right housing, please contact us on info@studyinholland.gr

As a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering & Management  you will be able to work anywhere in the world. In aviation, shipping, energy or infrastructure, both for commercial or non-profit companies.

For example, you could lead a maintenance team, or work as a maintenance consultant responsible for maintaining a refinery, power plant or wind farm. Your career prospects will be excellent. In a number of sectors, the demand for maintenance experts is growing.

You will be sure to find a challenging job quickly. You can go and work with airplanes at airports. With solar panels. With drilling rigs. With water treatment plants, or medical equipment.

Potential Careers:

- Maintenance Consultant: For companies that have outsourced maintenance (knowledge).

- Maintenance Manager: Head of a maintenance department within a (production) company.

- (Assistant) Project Manager: Large-scale installation maintenance is often carries out in a project-based manner. This is the case with refineries and power plants, for example. These big jobs often involve hundreds of (outside) people.

- Reliability Engineer: Optimization of maintenance and management programs.

- Asset Manager: An asset manager is responsible for the lifespan of a production resource (asset). Its acquisition, introduction, its maintenance and finally the removal from production of the asset.

Maintenance is a relatively new specialism. It is developing all the time. Master's programs in maintenance are also being developed. Not only at foreign universities, but in the Netherlands as well. Our program has been designed to allow you to carry on studying and take your Master's in Maintenance in two years.