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5 Bachelors

3 Masters

29.500 Students

Cities Breda,'s-Hertogenbosch, Roosendaal,Tilburg

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At Avans, located in 4 cities in the southern part of the Netherlands, around 29,500 Dutch and International students study in 48 different courses, constituting it one of the largest Universities of Applied Sciences of Holland.

We are proud that Avans has once again in 2018 been ranked the top No. 1 large university of applied sciences in the Netherlands by the leading higher education guide “Keuzegids Hbo” for the fifth consecutive time! Avans has been in the top 3 for 8 years, which shows that we set the bar high, as reflected in our own quality mark. The survey also shows that students are particularly satisfied with the atmosphere at Avans and the commitment of its lecturers.


Studying at Avans means acquiring state-of-the-art knowledge. But that's not all. You will also learn how to apply this knowledge in real business or professional projects. Our studies are geared perfectly to the requirements of organizations and companies that operate internationally.

Avans graduates have an excellent reputation and often have a head start in the world of international business. They work in highly qualified positions all over the world.

Avans also is the first university of applied sciences in the Netherlands to achieve the AISHE sustainability certification for all its full-time study programs. AISHE stands for “Auditing Instrument for Sustainability in Higher Education”. It is used to assess the degree to which sustainability is part of our education and research, our business operations and the ways we interact with our environment.

The international English language courses of Avans are all offered at our Breda campus, except for “International Business & Languages”, which is in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Breda is a medium size city in the province North Brabant, in the south of the Netherlands, near Belgium with over 170,000 inhabitants. It is a very cozy and social city, partly due to the large number of students that live here. In its historical city centre, crowned best inner city of Holland in 2009, you’ll find lots of interesting architecture and cultural delights.

The locals generally consider Breda as the best city in Holland in history, art, shopping and nightlife. It is also a hub for culture in the Netherlands. The city of Breda is lively in comparison to the other cities of equivalent size in the surrounding areas. Breda boast one hundred and twenty two bars, eleven museums, one hundred and seventy restaurants and one hundred and thirty eight shops and boutiques. The city is home to two universities: Avans University of Applied Sciences and Breda University of Applied Sciences and hosts a substantial international student population.

Breda is within easy and quick reach of less than an hour of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Antwerp (Belgium) by high speed trains.

's-Hertogenbosch, or Den Bosch as it is colloquially known, is a historical city and one of the oldest in the Netherlands. The city is overflowing with festivals and events all year round. Carnival for instance is a big thing here and every year in February, the city transforms into the “Carnival Capital” of the Netherlands. The city is home to two universities: Avans University of Applied Sciences and HAS University of Applied Sciences and hosts a substantial international student population.

Den Bosch is just over an hour by train from Amsterdam. There are also easy train and metro routes from Den Bosch, to Rotterdam and The Hague; the trip takes less than an hour. Antwerp and Brussels in Belgium are also at just over one hour and resp. two hours by train from Den Bosch.

Avans ensures that Greek students will feel right at home in the Netherlands. We give you a warm, caring and personal southern welcome. Upon arrival, you will get an extended introduction at your Avans campus and of the city you will be studying, During this introduction you get to meet other international students and you can experience student life in Breda, or ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Avans University of Applied Sciences also has what are known as “Study Buddies”. These are senior students, who will make you feel at ease right away and help you during the first year of your studies. They will show you around the building and tell you all about the practical stuff. Together you will check out the new city you are going to live in. Before you know it, you will be familiar with the ins and outs of student life in the Netherlands. The first time you meet will with your “buddy”, probably at the airport on the day of your arrival.

Naturally you are looking first and foremost for information on the contents of the many courses on offer. But you also want to know what facilities Avans University of Applied Sciences has to offer, such as our knowledge centres Xplora, IT facilities, the Avans café and restaurant, sports facilities, student societies and so on.

We regard good educational support and guidance as paramount throughout your stay in the Netherlands. This is however not limited to organizing practical study matters. Next to personal advice on your career opportunities, we will also support you in all other personal matters you will face. Our student counselor of course guide students in respect of their choice of study program, or other important study-related matters.

Avans University of Applied Sciences does not offer student accommodation, our  International Office functions merely as a mediator in your search for housing.

We have however partnered with the 2 major housing associations in Breda to launch an accommodation reservation system. All rooms are fully furnished. In all cases you will share a flat with other students, usually international students. Rental prices range from Rental prices range from €370 to €475 per month. This includes water, electricity, gas and internet access. Please be aware that a limited number of accommodations are offered, so not all students can be accommodated directly via the 2 housing associations.

If there are any rooms available, you can reserve one on the condition that you have been selected by the coordinator of your program and that you will be studying one of the following program Bachelor’s degree program:

- Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology

- International Business (Breda)

- Finance & Control (international)

Avans Hogeschool also is a partner of international student-to-student housing platform HousingAnywhere.com. If you are coming from abroad, you can use this website to book a student room. Using the platform is free for you as a student. You will be charged an administrative fee for using Housing Anywhere’s secure booking system when you make a booking.

If you are going to be studying in Breda, the website 'Klik voor kamers' ('click for rooms') also is a good place to look for accommodation. Klik voor kamers offers a first-year guarantee arrangement for students who are starting a Bachelor's degree program for the first time, giving them priority, when assigning an unfurnished room based on traveling time. This also applies to foreign students.

In ‘s-Hertogenbosch, we also collaborate with housing associations and letting agencies to make sure our students find suitable housing. Our housing partners have furnished rooms available throughout the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch and surroundings. These rooms vary in size, rent and location. But in all cases you will share a flat, or live in a residency with other students, usually international students. Rental prices vary, but you will pay no more than €510 per month maximum. This includes water, electricity, gas and in most rooms internet access.

As a student of Avans University of Applied Sciences in ’s-Hertogenbosch, you can also register with the housing corporation BrabantWonen. This website is unfortunately not available in English.

For more information and assistance in finding your right housing, please contact us on info@studyinholland.gr

The Avans cities of Breda and ‘s-Hertogenbosch are home to large numbers of students. Student associations are at the heart of these thriving communities.

Avans University of Applied Sciences has opted for competency-driven and student-oriented education. In order to put this style of education into practice, Avans is the first university of applied sciences in the Netherlands to open so-called ‘Xplora’ centers in the cities of ’s-Hertogenbosch, Breda and Tilburg.

In our experience, today's students consider freedom and independence to be extremely important. If you come to study with us, you can make use of Xplora: our vast multimedia library, database, meeting place, knowledge centre, social hub, assembly point, studio complex – in fact, Xplora offers everything that makes studying possible and enjoyable.

At every Xplora you will find computers where you can work individually, in small groups and different settings. Internet, word processing, spreadsheets and access to automated catalogues and databases are all standard options. In addition to the traditional books, magazines and reference works, the multimedia library also offers dissertations, audiovisual material and CD-ROMs entirely geared towards your study program. Other facilities, such as a photocopier, scanner and printer are also available. Professional staff members are happy to help you on the way using the in-house collection and many other sources of information.


Avans has entered into exchange agreements with many partner institutions all around the world.  All Avans locations also offer a number of international exchange programs.

We recognize the importance of being part of a global network and exchanging ideas about higher education with our international partners. These partnerships offer students many opportunities for studying for one semester abroad at no additional fees, or for working abroad at some of the largest global multinationals during  internship(s) in which students can take part.

For Greece, we cooperate with:

Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Thessaly (Business, administration and law)

Technical University of Crete - School of Production Engineering and Management (Engineering, manufacturing and construction & Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)

Official statistics show that for the year 2015, 80 % of the Bachelors graduates of a Dutch University of Applied Sciences, found a suitable job in their specific field and level, within 3 months of obtaining their diploma.

These indicators are considerably lower for graduates from a Dutch Research University. The reason for this is that the education system of the Universities of Applied Science is more practical and directly related to a certain profession, whereas the education philosophy of the Research Universities is more general and scientifically orientated.

With the Dutch economy recovering and growing at a fast pace in 2017, these indicators for the Universities of Applied Sciences are expected to have improved significantly in 2018. In fact, for some fields of study, students are at the moment already offered suitable jobs before graduating.